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Jacobson’s department store started in Jackson, Michigan. It was an upscale store and the Jackson residents shopped and ate lunch there. The store spread to other states, with the headquarters in Jackson. Two of Lloyd’s and Judi’s daughters purchased their wedding gowns there. In fact, the youngest daughter modeled in a Jacobson’s store when she was five years old. 


Jacobson’s closed its doors in 2002 after 134 years in business. With a goal of preserving history, Judi started collecting credit cards, boxes, and unique memorabilia with the logo on them. 


People love to see the Jacobson’s items. Guests touring Ye Ole Carriage Shop have made contributions to the collection. They have donated items including a Jacobson’s tote bag, credit cards, and one lady even took off her shoes that had the Jacobson’s name in them!  

Karol  Buchholz - DSC09535
Karol  Buchholz - DSC09532
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