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There is a large room in the museum dedicated to just pedal cars. The collection features just about every make and design, even as far back as the early 1900’s.


When Lloyd was a little boy, he always wanted a pedal car! They sold for $15.00 then (which was a lot of money in the late 1930’s).  


In the early 90’s, they were selling for hundreds of dollars and he was too big to fit in one. However, Lloyd’s passion for them grew and manifested itself in a collection. Pedal cars became the collector’s signature hobby. The hunt was half the fun and both Lloyd and Judi did a lot of hunting and collecting. Judi would find rare pedal cars for Christmas gifts for Lloyd. She even had one imported from Germany! 

Karol  Buchholz - DSC07584_JPG
Karol  Buchholz - DSC07631
Karol  Buchholz - DSC_0138
Karol  Buchholz - DSC07566
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