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Both Lloyd and Judi attended Spring Arbor High School and Spring Arbor College. The high school and junior college were discontinued as it evolved into a four year college and then into a University.


Lloyd and Judi collect because they want to preserve the past and keep history alive. Their schooling was an important part of their past and they both are very involved with the university now. There are yearbooks, sports trophies, photos, and many items from the high school and college years. Judi is especially happy to have her daughters ‘SAC Cougar jacket’, as Lloyd is to have some of his basketball memorabilia!  


There are several class reunions held at the museum every year, and many alumni choose to add to the display. 

Karol  Buchholz - DSC09548
Karol  Buchholz - DSC09543
Karol  Buchholz - DSC09549
Karol  Buchholz - DSC09546
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